Other Products

Other Products

Entrance Management

Access control Card Reader is capable to support multiple technologies, like MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2, MIFARE Plus and MIFARE Classic....

Perimeter Protection – Photo Beam Detection

Short range photoelectric sensor. The sensor also carries the IP65 high durable structure Line of sight sensor.

UVSS- Under Vehicle Scanner

Template comparison within seconds, attached objects are marked out, number plate recognition and driver recognition. Additional camera for wheel hub monitoring..

ANPR – Automated Number Plate Recognition System

Patented technology - Stolen vehicle recognition, Maximum conversion ratio in the industry withDriver Recognition.

Baggage, Human and Explosive Scanners

Radiation safe as per AERB india. High density alert feature. Multi-energy high penetration feature. Threat image projection (tip) feature (optional)...

Command Control

Command Centre allows the monitoring and control of your site using one platform with integrated access control, intruder alarm management and perimeter security.

Drone Surveillance

Highly advanced surveillance system Arial View Wide area coverage..

Visitor Management

Visitor management effectively manages the visitors in premises and also helps in tracking the usage...

Radar Based Detection

Human Detection, Object Size..

Lidar Based Detection

3D Perception & Volumetric Sensing, Centimeter Accuracy Resolution, 360 Degree field of View...