Power Fence

Power Fence

We provide customised design and construction to meet the challenges of individual sites.

The Power Fence is a most effective active security partner acts as a 24 hour security guard by monitoring your perimeter and provides a painful shock to anyone attempting to trespass your premises.

The power fence can be built on top of your existing compound or from ground level. This is absolutely safe for human beings and animals. Very cost effective power consumption is only 40 watts. It gives 24 hrs protections. No false triggering.

The power fence is congured and controlled using Command Centre software, our effective and reliable solutions can be managed and monitored across multiple sites from one central location An attempt to breach the perimeter is deterred by an energized pulse sent around the perimeter fence line. Monitored pulse fencing meets stringent safety criteria, while delivering a short but safe shock, making it almost impossible to climb the fence.

Entire perimeter can be monitored from a single display assisted with e- map, which gives you instant alert from a intrusion.
Power fence are designed to comply with international safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. These standards set out the safety requirements for the design, installation, and operation of pulse fencing and associated equipment.