High Security

High Security

Teknicom Solutions offers specialised products for high security applications.

Teknicom offers state-of-the-art, end-to-end solutions; designed to suit different kinds of high-risk, high-security areas such as Airports, prisons, high-security government/ military institutions etc.

The company analyses the risk factors of specific environments, before creating its error-proof integrated solutions. The company complements this technological as well as solutions superiority with proactive service and after sales maintenance back-up. The company's range of solutions for high security environments includes:

Products for High Security Applications

Command Control Centre

Command Centre allows the monitoring and control of your site using one platform with integrated access control, intruder alarm management and perimeter security.

Building management System

Lighting management, Climate management, Enclosure control, Measuring and managing consumption & Energy Management – presence detection.

Perimeter Intruder Detection

These detectors can be integrated to create invisible walls around your perimeter, residence, factory, commercial comple...

Counter Drone Solutions

Counter-Drone System is designed to detect and disrupt threats posted by Drones.

Power Fence

The Power Fence is built on top of your existing compound wall at a height of 1.2 mtrs with 11 strands. This DC powered ....

AI Based Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence based surveillance solutions provide effective customised outputs as required.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras used to read thermal images used for perimeter security, covid monitoring, fire fighting , etc

Intruder Detection System

Strategically deployed internal sensors can prevent any attempted intrusion into your premises, by activating high decib...

Entrance Management

Effective entrance management using access control readers and electronic crowd control barriers

UVSS- Under Vehicle

Template comparison within seconds, attached objects are marked out, number plate recognition and driver recognition. Additional camera for wheel hub monitoring..

ANPR – Automated Number Plate Recognition System

Patented technology - Stolen vehicle recognition, Maximum conversion ratio in the industry withDriver Recognition.

Baggage, Human and Explosive Scanners

Radiation safe as per AERB india. High density alert feature. Multi-energy high penetration feature. Threat image projection (tip) feature (optional)...

Metal Detectors

These devices are used in commercial and security areas like Hotels, Airports, Railway Stations, Archaeological...

Access Control

Access control systems help protect your indoor as well as outdoor environments from unauthorized people. ...

Attendance Control

Advanced attendance control systems for offices, industries and institutions ensure maximum security...

Visitor Management

Visitor management effectively manages the visitors in premises and also helps in tracking the usage...

Fire detection

This system detects fire / smoke thru various sensors installed in vital locations and alert people through visual...

Guard Patrol Monitoring

Central Monitoring stations