CCTV / Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Camera

Solutions Based on AI (Artificial Intelligence, DL (Deep Learning )

We provide both Residential & Commercial Projects

IP Surveillance System

Thermal Camera

Explosion Proof Camera

Human Detection
Vehicle Detection (97% Accuracy)
Automatic Number Plate Recognition for Entry & Exit

    Perimeter Intrusion Detection

  • Detection of Person or Vehicle crossing a virtual line / Area
  • Usage : Intruder detection on fenced areas, compound boundaries, Alert monitoring at the entrance
  • Deep Learning (DL) based algorithms to classify the people and negate the false objects like trees waving, birds etc…
  • Works for all weather conditions, day and night
  • Complaint with any standard IP cameras

Loitering Detection

Any intruders wandering around perimeter fence for a certain time period

Vehicle Parking

Raise a trigger if vehicle is parked in restricted area / at restricted hours.