Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter can be protected using various detection systems like Power fence, OFC based detection, Laser based detection, etc. These technologies can be integrated with surveillance cameras, access control, lights, alarms, etc to create a seamless audio visual perimeter protection solution. In advanced solutions these are again integrated to a centralised command centre to derive the desired rapid responses to a threat.

  • Detection of Person or Vehicle crossing a virtual line / Area
  • Usage : Intruder detection on fenced areas, compound boundaries, Alert monitoring at the entrance
  • Deep Learning (DL) based algorithms to classify the people and negate the false objects like trees waving, birds etc…
  • Works for all weather conditions, day and night
  • Complaint with any standard IP cameras

Loitering Detection

Any intruders wandering around perimeter fence for a certain time period

Vehicle Parking

Raise a trigger if Vehicle parked around perimeter Fence

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